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Six Steps for Career Networking

Six Steps for Career Networking

Most job seekers already know the importance of networking. Whether from formal professional networking groups or casual friend-of-a-friend connections, 60 percent will find a job through networking. Other savvy professionals use their networks for finding answers, advice or leads. Whatever you’re trying to do, there are some simple steps you can take to get the most out of Monster Networking.

Be Yourself

It’s perhaps the most trite piece of advice we could give, yet it bears repeating. Some people try so hard to reinvent themselves on the Web that they wind up alienating potential contacts by overselling. Be honest and direct in your emails and profile. Don’t worry about trying to impress every contact at first glance. And be concise —get your point across quickly.

Advance Your Career

Create a Complete Profile

Help us make the right connections by filling your profile out completely. Information that may not seem important to you could be essential to someone else: perhaps someone’s looking for a marketing pro who happens to be big on gardening. In addition, facts such as your school or previous employer can make it easier to build a strong connection with other members. By providing more details, you help us target our introductions more carefully, as well as becoming more valuable to the rest of the community.

Respect the Network

Networking isn’t about simply getting what you want. It’s a community, and the more you treat it that way, the better it will treat you. When someone is introduced to you, respond promptly —even if you’re not the right contact. Make connections, don’t just grab for answers or leads then scram. Monster is here to help you connect with peers, but once you do, it’s a two way street. Expect to answer questions and provide tips to others and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert networker.

Keep It Up

Networking isn’t a one-time event. The best networkers are those who continually use and expand their network, keeping themselves fresh on the minds of the contacts they’ve made. Not every communication has to be earth-shattering: simple questions or bits of professional advice benefit both parties by strengthening their relationship. But making a check in at Monster Networking a regular part of your routine will improve your results.

Think Peer-to-Peer

Instead of individuals dealing with companies, Monster Networking connects individuals to other individuals. While finding a new job is a major reason many members are using this service, the traditional approach is too lopsided: here, you have something to give as well as receive. Use your first contact with someone to explore how you can both help each other. In your writing, be less formal and more informative. Focus on creating value through information and connecting other people, and you’ll find that you’ll get more referrals to contacts who can help with your job search.

Use the Feedback System

In traditional networking, reputations are built slowly through direct experience and word of mouth. Here, you have many more potential contacts – but no face-to-face contact with them. The rating system helps you judge whether another member is responsive and valuable. Points are awarded based on some basic activities plus the feedback you provide after connecting with someone, so feedback from others shapes your reputation. By giving feedback to the contacts you make, whether good, bad, or indifferent, you help make Monster Networking more valuable for everyone.

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