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Six Common Myths of Federal Job Hunting

Six Common Myths of Federal Job Hunting

Most federal job seekers spend a majority of their time hunting for positions online, using websites such as USAJOBS.

Shannon Kelly & Dan DeMaio |

Myth 1: “Enrolling in a Federal Jobs Seminar or Buying Job Listings Will Get Me Hired”

Many federal job seekers are victimized each year by scam artists selling information about federal job opportunities or offering “preparation courses” for the civil service exam. Some companies go so far as to use names that imply affiliation with the federal government, such as the “US Agency for Career Advancement” or “Federal Career Planning Service.” Often job seekers are not even aware they have been scammed until they have already paid for these services.

Information on job vacancies with the federal government and US Postal Service should always be provided free of charge. If you become aware of federal job services which attempt to scam job searchers, please alert GovCentral users, or contact USAJOBS directly to report the scam.

Civil Service Exam?

The commonly known civil service exam was actually discontinued in the 1980s, whereupon each federal agency began conducting their own candidate review processes. You should never pay for any service related to federal job openings or federal employment information. The best way to assess your level of preparedness is to use resources which offer advice about how to put together a more attractive application package.

All competitive civil service positions open in the federal government are required to be posted on USAJOBS, where you can search the jobs database, create a federal resume and obtain information about federal employment.

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