Guide to Government Interviews

Guide to Government Interviews

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Editor

Recently, many more GovCentral users than ever before have been reporting to me that they’ve been landing interviews with the agencies they’ve diligently applied to over the past 30 – 45 days. This is a good thing! The more of our users who succeed in getting interviews, job offers, and government positions, the stronger our community will grow. Many government recruiters attest to the fact that employment interviews are the most important aspect of the entire federal job process. I started asking myself: what can GovCentral do to prepare users for their interview?

We could start with a little background. Most federal agencies use a behavior-based style of interview to recruit new employees. This form of interview relies on the idea that interview skill and previous accomplishments are the best indicator of who will be a good employee, and who will not. During an interview, you must be prepared to speak about specific instances when you demonstrated skills which are comparable to those required by the position you’re applying for. You will always be graded on your responses, although not all grading systems are formalized in the same manner.

This section will be used to pool resources related to interviewing for government jobs. Check it out:

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