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Telework to Expand for Federal Jobs

Telework to Expand for Federal Jobs

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Being aware of telework opportunities is also a limiting factor. Agency Telework Coordinators have created training programs to educate employees and managers of the opportunities available to them. To find your Agency Telework Coordinator, click here.

Agencies have also taken action by increasing their IT expenditures to solve the security challenges that telework presents.

In an effort to split the difference and maintain an office work environment, while reducing the stress associated with long commutes, the General Services Administration (GSA) operates 14 telework centers in the greater DC area.

OPM leadership continue to reinvigorate the federal workforce and its approach to telework. Last November, Government Executive explored telework as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of the federal workforce. They quote Katie Corrigan, co-director of the Workplace Flexibility 2010 project at Georgetown University Law School, who describes:

the goal of a true workplace flexibility program shouldn’t be simply to shunt all workers into telework programs, or schedules with core required hours, or compressed work schedules, which Corrigan said are “a pretty rigid.” Instead, a truly flexible workplace would allow employees to move between schedules and arrangements that were most convenient for them at any given time as long as their performance stayed strong.

Shifting away from rigid schedules and mandatory hours is certainly a goal for OPM Director John Berry. In a November speech at Syracuse University, Berry describes a results-only work environment (ROWE) that would unshackle employees from their desks.

“It would treat our employees like responsible adults, and if we do it right, with proper training for workers and managers and flexibilities like telework and alternate work schedules, it will boost morale, increase productivity and deliver good value to our taxpayers,” Berry said.

For more information on telework in the federal government, go to

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 5 years ago


    I can see how this could save millions and keep the work flowing during inclement weather. This should be an options for all federal employees atleast once a pay period....Even if it's just for the administrative part of your work week if you are in a more labor intensive field

  • Gov_central_picture_max50


    almost 5 years ago


    Telework is a great idea, especially for disabled veterans who can't get out, but still have great skills. It's too bad the site only has jobs in the Washington DC area.

  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    almost 5 years ago

    Telework and flexible work schedules are a wonderful idea for those that have the type of job that allows for working from a remote or outside location. For those of us that are not able to work outside of the hospital or clinic setting the flexible and alternate schedules are a good idea.

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