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The Benefit of Having Security Clearance

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Editor

A security clearance convinces government-sector employers that a person is able and willing to safeguard classified national security information. It also means that a person is noncriminal in nature, has undergone one or several security background investigations, and is easier to instate in a job where security clearance is necessary than other applicants may be.

Benefits of Having Active or Inactive Security Clearance

• If you are already cleared, you’ll be able to avoid any more background investigations. The agency to which you are applying will not need to contact your current employer. That means your current employer won’t know that you are looking for other work.
• Increased marketability with civilian employers that require cleared employees.
• Many DoD contractors give hiring preference to ex-military personnel with current clearances.
• Doubles your worth and ability to get jobs in certain sectors that non-cleared personnel could not get.
• Since employers do not have to pay for your clearance application, the money saved often goes back into the employee’s salary.

Benefits of Having Lapsed Clearance

• Employers are more willing to hire people with prior clearance for positions where you can apply without a clearance and the firm will sponsor you.
• Depending on how long it has been since you last had clearance, the investigation process can take much less time than that for people without ever having clearance.

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