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Growing Federal Jobs: Advanced Manufacturing

Growing Federal Jobs: Advanced Manufacturing

Kyle Stone | Associate Editor, GovCentral

Government jobs in manufacturing encourage creativity and analytical thinking. Ideas can be tested and implemented almost immediately, and the inspiration a single person brings to the job could spawn the newest development in government technology. For this reason, those who want a career that is meaningful, exciting and rewarding, should consider advanced manufacturing. Whether your interest lies in production, engineering or designing, experts say there will be plenty of demand in coming years for qualified candidates – women and men alike.

Most representative of US Government manufacturing companies say their biggest problem is finding qualified workers. If this problem isn’t fixed, the report states it will impact our nation’s economic well-being.

In Demand Occupations

Environmental Science and Protection Technicians
Projected Salary: $40,000
Employees Needed: 42,000
Projected Growth: 27+%
Average Education Level: <a href=“”">College or Higher
Who’s Hiring: Air Force, Navy, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency

Medical Equipment Repairers
Projected Salary: 50,000*
Employees Needed: 19,000
Projected Growth: 18% – 26%
Average Education Level: High School | Some College
Who’s Hiring: Air Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Health and Human Services

Industrial Engineers
Projected Salary: $68,000
Employees Needed: : 89,000
Projected Growth: 18% – 26%
Average Education Level: College or Higher
Who’s Hiring: Army, Navy

Technical Writers
Projected Salary: $63,000
Employees Needed: 24,000
Projected Growth: 18% – 26%
Average Education Level: College or Higher
Who’s Hiring: Army, Air Force, Department of Transportation, Department of Treasury

Projected Salary: $67,000
Employees Needed: 27,000
Projected Growth: 9% – 17%
Average Education Level: Some College or Higher
Army, National Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency

How to Prepare

Since many manufacturing professionals take math and science courses starting in middle school, it is important to get a technologically driven education. Computer programming and technical design skills are currently very valuable as well.

For students with a firm grounding in the sciences, the opportunities are vast. When it comes to manufacturing, says Stefan Skibicki, Jr. of Lockheed Martin, Orlando, “we are only limited by our imaginations.

Information Compiled from and 2006-16 BLS Projections.

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