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10 Steps to a Government Job - For Military Service Members

10 Steps to a Government Job - For Military Service Members

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Step 5: Search for Jobs

You’re finally ready to get down to business and begin searching for government jobs – but where are you going to start? The good news is: we make this part very easy for you. GovCentral’s editors have worked hard to come up new, fresh ways of organizing, ranking, and listing government job information. We understand the complexities of searching for government jobs, and we think we do a pretty good job of giving you different options, so that you can conduct your search in whatever manner suits you.

Start on GovCentral

GovCentral’s Career Center contains a Job Search Tool which makes it incredibly easy for you to learn about jobs as soon as they are available to the public. Make sure you Register for the sitein order to take advantage of this service!

How to Search

GovCentral’s job search database is truly the largest government search board in the world. Our jobs database compiles job listings from,, and most recently, GovCentral users themselves.

Here’s some of the different ways you can search for jobs in our Job Search database:

• Series Number (enter this into the “Keyword” field)
• Salary Range
• GS Pay Grade
• Job Title
• Federal Department or Agency

Search Guides

If you’ve having trouble coming up with ideas for jobs to apply for, try reading through some of the following job search guides, each of which is available only on

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