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The 5 P's to Job Search Success

The 5 P's to Job Search Success

Persistence is just one way to being successful in your government job search.

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Keeping Patient

Patience is the anchor to the 5 P’s because it is the only way to navigate the government application process and remain sane on the other end.

The Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry and the rest of his staff are trying to figure out how to streamline the way the federal government recruits and hires new employees. Until that happens, you’ll still need to work with the system as it is.

At the core of it, when you apply for a government job, you either move to the next round or you don’t. You have control over your application, but you have no control over the process that a hiring manager must go through. It’s important to be patient (but persistent) while your application stumbles its way through the bureaucratic process. Getting angry and frustrated won’t make the process move any faster.

Remember what is important. The important thing is your passion for a career in government.

Bonus: Practice, Practice, And More Practice

The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you go on, the better applicant you will become. Practice does not make perfect when constructing an application for a government job.

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