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The 5 P's to Job Search Success

The 5 P's to Job Search Success

Persistence is just one way to being successful in your government job search.

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Remaining Positive

According to, research shows that the optimists have a shorter job search and will find a better job. The key to being positive is to focus on your happiness.

When you are in a bad mood, you’re more likely to sulk and not care about what happens in your job search. You are also more likely to feel defeated when you don’t hear a response from a job application. It’s really easy to fall into a routine of hanging out with Oprah and Ellen instead of hustling for that next job.

What to do when you’re feeling blue? Listen to your favorite song. Write down the good things that are going on in your life. Visit your family or friends.

Remaining positive keeps the focus on finding solutions as opposed to brooding over problems. This is the same mindset the government looks for in its employees. Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing poet and writer. But he would have been horrible as a tax adjustor.

Staying Persistent

You’ve found your passion and are being proactive in learning in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. You’re also keeping positive about everything, even if you aren’t seeing results yet. This is where persistence comes in.

It’s not enough to send 3-4 applications to USAjobs and wait for a response. If you are passionate about a career in government, then you’ll need to be persistent to earn one.

Whenever I applied for a job, I would immediately move onto the next job application. The ball is already rolling with the first application. Move on to the next one.

There’s a couple different ways to think about how being persistent will help you find a new job. One-way is to think of it is submitting job applications persistently.

The second way is to be as persistent as you can to follow up on a job announcement. At the end of every vacancy announcement on USAjobs, there is contact information from the hiring agency. As you know, the government hiring process can take a while. Follow up with a phone call a couple weeks after you submitted your application. This information can be found at the end of every vacancy announcement. If you haven’t received any communications from the government after 3-4 weeks, you probably weren’t selected for the next round. It’s never fun to get rejected, but the effort it takes to feel sad about it is better spent being proactive and find the next job you’re passionate about.

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