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The 5 P's to Job Search Success

The 5 P's to Job Search Success

Persistence is just one way to being successful in your government job search.

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Finding Your Passion

If there is one common trait in public servants, it is passion. It is a passion to solve problems and a passion to help their fellow citizen. Right now, there is a research analyst at the Department of Education thinking how to better train teachers and make students smarter. There’s a Border Patrol agent keeping us safe from terrorist threats. A social worker in St. Louis is helping a family find affordable housing, while the mother works during the day and takes classes at night.

Take 5-10 minutes and write down what you are passions are. This is a personal exercise; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Make it about you. What ever your passion is, there is a job somewhere in the Government doing exactly that.

Understanding your passions will help you focus and narrow your search. This will help keep you free from distractions.

When you send in your application on USAjobs, there is only so much space to tell your story. What it is that makes you, well, you?

Being Proactive

If you want a career in government, no one is going to knock down your down just because you are thinking about it. You have to earn that job!

After writing down what you are passionate about, think about what careers you have a lot of knowledge in, and which ones you don’t. For example, say you are interested in working for your local economic development board. It’s important to understand what factors a company will consider when deciding where to open a new office. To be a successful candidate for that job, you’ll need to understand federal, state, and local taxes and labor laws, what the average wage is for different areas and how a company fits into the existing structure of a city. Some of these skills can be learned through experience, but a lot of them can be learned at the Library or on the Internet. You may also need to go back to college to beef up those skills.

When you find a job with the government that you feel passionate about, see which skills you may be weak at. Then find a way to mitigate those weaknesses or turn them into strengths.

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