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Lawmaker seeks to fix "outdated & old" federal hiring process once and for all

Lawmaker seeks to fix "outdated & old" federal hiring process once and for all

Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) seeks to improve the federal hiring process.

Max Cacas | FederalNewsRadio

“Unfortunately for the Federal Government,” he told Federal News Radio in an exclusive interview, “whatever is there, they continue to use it, until somebody comes along and revises it and changes it. I feel strongly as chairman of the Federal Workforce subcommittee, and with my dear friend Senator George Voinovich (R.-Ohio) that we are committed to change it, to improve it, to slim the process of hiring.”

Both Akaka and Voinovich, the ranking Republican on the Federal Workforce subcommittee, are long-time advocates on behalf of federal workers.

Speaking in his office in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, Senator Akaka was asked to talk about Senate Bill S-736, the “Akaka-Voinovich Federal Hiring Process Improvement Act”.

The act will eliminate some of these requirements that end up taking time. Our bill will try to slim that back to about 80 days, or two and a half months. That will be a huge difference, but my hope is that we can reduce that more than 80 days.

Akaka explains that in testimony before his subcommittee over almost the last decade, officials have said that the government is at a disadvantage in competing for talent.

“We’ve heard that while they’re waiting in line for a federal job, they get an offer and get hired by the private sector. Senator Voinovich and I really want to make the Federal Government the ‘employer of choice’. Part of this is the hiring process.”

Chairman Akaka says the first hurdle for his bill has been met: it has been approved by the full Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and is awaiting a date for debate and a vote by the full Senate.

Akaka says he and Voinovich are hopeful that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) will schedule S.376 for consideration before the end of the session in December.

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