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Want Government Work? You Have to Get Specific

Want Government Work? You Have to Get Specific

Derrick Dorcht | The Diversa Group

Question: Washington, D.C.: Why does the government actively advertise jobs on their job site that are reserved for people within the agency? I am very tired of applying for jobs only to be told, months later, they have decided not to fill the position. I am told this is because the person they wanted to promote from within somehow didn’t get through the human resources process. How can I avoid these traps and not waste time filling out applications that will never be considered?

Derrick Dortch: It is a frustrating process for sure, and honestly there is no quick fix. Do not give up.

The key for finding a government job is too look at what you are truly qualified for, target agencies that have the budgets to bring in a good number of people (i.e. the Department of Defense or the Department of Homeland Security), target the right positions and make sure you meet the qualifications. I see many people applying for positions they are not qualified for. They thought they were because of the title and the duties listed, but they did not read the qualifications and evaluations section to see what the agency was looking for in a candidate. ad_icon

Also you have to make sure you are applying to the right positions, with the right package. This means that if you are qualified, then you to have a targeted, powerful, persuasive federal resume, KSAs or supporting essay question responses and any other materials required. These materials need to be targeted to the position. They cannot be generic.

Develop a new strategy and get back out there. The government is hiring, and a new budget cycle has just started, so that means hiring will pick up starting now.

Adapted from a recent online discussion on with federal employment expert Derrick Dortch

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