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Feds to Hire 600,000 Employees by 2012

Feds to Hire 600,000 Employees by 2012

600,000 over three years. 273,000 deemed mission-critical. That’s how many people the Partnership for Public Service projects the federal government will need to hire by 2012 to fill growing needs as well as replacing a baby-boomer workforce set to retire. These numbers and other hiring projections are listed just in time for some Labor Day reading in the third edition of the Where the Jobs Are report issued on Thursday.

That big number of 600,000 is the total hiri...

  • Dsc00261_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Well (Terelong), While I do agree with most of the points you made, (I'll get to what I didn't agree w/ in a sec). There are countless "upgrades or problems needing attention" 97.5% of the people in this country would agree too, but the simple fact of the matter is, Not Gonna happen anytime soon. That's the way our federal, and state governments have been forever, not saying that's right, it's just the way it is. There are so many things that would need complete overhauls, we may as well lock the country down for 10 years to get anywhere. Even doing that, it still wouldn't happen, I'm not bashing the government here, that's not my intent. There are so many "pockets being lined from the top to bottom, "you scratch my back type of deals" the "red tape" that would be put up (most already is) would drive anyone insane. Like when you go to basic for the military, they break you down, and then build you up, with their mindset (making you rewire your thinking so you can be the best possible defender, and/or soldier that they want and need) The Fed, State, and Local governments do the same, it just takes a very long time. Politicians, lobbyists, and others have a "in genius" way of doing this, from GW, Ben Franklin, A. Jackson, S Adams, you name them, they (for lack of better words) kind of use a Reverse Psychology way, if you keep most of the people pleased, be it by or through funding's, "tax breaks", local economies, stimulus $, and many others, they keep you (public) "involved" on a few Hot Button issues, and other "voter decisions", to keep your/our heads down and made to think You helped, they can zing stuff they want right past us, and we never bat an eye..
    Government jobs more than likely, will stay pretty much the same, it's us that end up having to change, or take it on the chin. I suggest do what you need to get there, and if lucky enough you/I will be there one day, even if that's the case it wont matter. Our system (like the majority of population) doesn't cope well with Big, and Drastic sudden changes.
    The hiring process isn't changing anytime soon either, (here I'm not discrediting the ACLU, Aff Action, or equal rights) Since our government is "for the people, by the people" they have to deal with 20 times the "red tape", this means, since everyone is supposed to on the level playing field in employment, they can't pick the second person in their interview, they then have to give everyone who is "qualified" and has applied the same opportunity, no matter what. If they don't the public discourse that would be produced, so it's a combo of the citizens rights, government , and the avoidance of Big Confrontations--so a lot of this song and dance are the results of our demands for citizen rights, and equality.
    The comment "the outright display of favoritism displayed amongst those that are on Active Duty Military" Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you were saying.
    "The lack of commitment to those that are still in the Active Reserve" ---? lack of commitment by National Guard and Reservists, HUH? what lack of commitment? Because they are "only" reservists?

    If you are trying to say the Active Duty personal, recieve too much, or shouldn't go to the front of the line as Vets, and the Reservists, don't do enough, both signed legal contracts, so the Reserve folks are doing what they are suppose to do. What exactly should change to "not give favoritism" to the Active duty Vets? If you are saying what I believe you were thinking, WOW! Where do you muster the GIGANTIC BALLS, to make those comments about either? 1st- You do a little fact finding in your location, and tell me how many reservists in your general area have spent multiple tours in Iraq, or Afganistan since 2001. The Active Duty personal somehow "being OVER thanked" by the people, government, businesses, the animals, insects, reptiles, and getting considered for a job before you (I think that's where you were going, but I want to be sure before I say what I want, to you)
    So I'll wait for your response, I REALLY, REALLY, hope none of that is what you wanted your speal to come across like. So with that, I beg you to respond, to straighten this out, so you can "save face"

    Thanks to all,

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    i used to work civil service i hop it grows back up

  • Scan_max50


    over 5 years ago


    It is nice for the government to increase hiring but there are several flaws with the system: 1. the extensive hiring process that candidates are put through, 2. the lack of knowledgeable leadership in the areas (particularly at TMA-OCMO-Population Health, 3. the outright display of favortism displayed amongst those that are on Active Duty Military, 4. the lack of commitment to those that are still in the Active Reserve and lastely the lack of personnel measures to protect employess from blatant outright lies where people loose their jobs.

    These problems need to be investigated and provisions put in place.


  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    Yes, and what about those who have degrees, are imminently qualified, and even INTERNED with a federal agency? I find it very frustrating that there is no provision to award extra points to previous interns like for veterans. For goodness sake, if I've worked for the agency for a whole year WITHOUT PAY, you'd think someone would realize that I am not only highly qualified but I also have a real passion for the agency's mission. Working for the EEOC has been my dream for almost a whole decade now, but I've been locked out at every turn. I just don't know how to get my foot in the door to get a paid position.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    It's "nice" that the government only wants the best and brightest and that they are "ethnically diverse", BUT what about those that are best and brightest that are "Handicapped"??? Just because we are unable to walk, see, hear or have a prothetic devise does not mean that we are not or can not be productive and contribute to your country. Because of the govenments' way of thinking and treating those of us that are "handicapped" as SECOND RATE CITIZENS, so does the rest of the populace - So to turn this around shouldn't the govenment also add at least 5 percent of those that are "handicapped" to this [new restock of employees]?? Also what about those of us that have years of experience but no degree???

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