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What Not to Say During an Interview

By Alexi Calvo | GovCentral

Watch Your Manners

Candidates have been known to ask right off the bat, “So when do I get to meet someone who actually has the power to hire me?” This is a very rude thing to say to the person taking time to interview you. Give every person you meet at your potential employer’s company the respect they deserve. You never know who you will meet and what they can do for you. Knowing this, do not leave your cell phone on during an interview or ask the recruiter if you can leave it on since you are waiting for an important call (yes, actual candidates have asked this.) The question is what is more important, a phone call or your interview? This of course means that eating lunch during an interview is also not a good idea no matter how famished you may be.

You will be judged on everything you say. Keep in mind that the interviewer doesn’t know you and they often won’t realize when you are joking around. That said, never make racist comments. While you are at it, avoid stereotypes. Starting off a sentence with, “You know how women/men/gays/blacks/Asians/kids/old people/handicapped are…” may be offensive to the interviewer since just as they don’t know you or your background, neither do you know theirs. Be sensitive and avoid politically incorrect statements like the plague.

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