10 Worst Time Wasters at Work

Tania Khadder

Culprit #8: Personal Communications

In the olden days, it was a little harder to get in the way with personal correspondence at work. Today, you can be constantly connected to friends and family without anyone really noticing. It’s no longer a question of “Will I get caught?” so much as “How much time am I wasting?” If you’re checking Facebook religiously, G-Chatting with friends or responding to personal emails the same way you do professional ones, the answer is: a lot.

The solution: These days, employers understand that you may spend some time at work doing personal things (after all, you spend so much time there). Leave your personal correspondence for your lunch break. You can check your various accounts all at once, guilt-free. Be firm with your friends and family about contacting you during work hours –- if they’re not reaching out to you between nine and five, you’ll be a lot less tempted to check in. You’ll also have a better time overcoming Culprit #5.

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