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What Ever Happened To Your Federal Application

What Ever Happened To Your Federal Application

Kathryn Troutman

Clicking “submit” on that federal application can be stressful. Hours upon hours of writing and re-writing your application can create an attachment to your precious KSA. The worst thing possible is to then send your little bundle of joy out into the world to be ransacked by those peering eyes at the Office of Personal Management. Thousands of applicants feel the same way every day wondering: what happened to my application?

After you click submit on, I’m sure you are asking yourself:

  1. Did I qualify for the position?
  2. Was I referred “referred” to a supervisor for consideration of an interview?
  3. Did I answer the KSAs correctly?
  4. Did I answer the Questionnaires correctly?
  5. Did I submit the application correctly?
  6. If I was best qualified, was my package forwarded to a supervisor?

Find the Answer on USAJOBS…sometimes:

In your USAJOBS account, My USAJOBS, there is a tab called “applications” that tracks the positions you have most recently applied for. Sometimes the hiring agency updates this, sometimes they don’t. According to USAJOBS, if you submitted your resume outside of the website, either directly through an agency’s website, or via the mail, the website will have no clue which jobs you applied for.

If the tracking page is not updated by Human Resources, it might be hard to understand what happened.

The Importance of Knowing What Happened

You could have worked hours upon hours on that application and the position seemed PERFECT for you. And you want to know WHAT HAPPENED. Even if you didn’t get referred, what happened? What did you do wrong with the application. Find out why you are not selected is GREAT information and can save time and effort for your next applications.

Possible Reasons for Not Getting Referred to a Supervisor

  • Did I qualify?
    • An application can be viewed one of two ways: minimally qualified and best qualified. Minimally qualified indicates that you have passed the threshold of qualifications deemed necessary to perform a certain job. If you didn’t become “minimally qualified” it might mean that the job is a reach for you, but it also could mean that you weren’t including the right information.
      Another way you can be viewed is best qualified. This indicates that you exceeded the basic qualifications for a position. If you feel that you should have been best qualified for a position and weren’t referred, then your resume could be missing some important information.
  • Did I fill out the KSAs correctly?
    • If you weren’t referred to the supervisor, your response to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities portion of the application probably weren’t as good as they should have been. Find out which KSAs need the most help from an HR specialist.
  • Did I answer the Questionnaires correctly?
    • IF you didn’t get referred and there was a questionnaire, you could have answered the questionnaire with less than the best answers. If you get your score, you could find out what happened.
  • Was my package forwarded to a supervisor?
    • If your package was referred to the supervisor (CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAYTHAT PACKAGE IS A SUCCESS) then it’s up to the supervisor to decide if you should get interviewed. If you weren’t referred, you’re on the right track and should apply again to another position.

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