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Four Ways to Jump Start Your Government Job Search

Four Ways to Jump Start Your Government Job Search

(Courtesy of takkaria under Creative Commons License)

Losing your job is an overwhelming feeling, no matter when it happens. GovCentral has scoured the web to help connect you with benefits you have already earned. Here are four simple steps to get you through the first days and jumpstart your government job search.

(Parts of this article sourced from CareerOneStop is a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored Web site that offers career resources and workforce information to job seekers, students, businesses, and workforce professionals to foster talent development in a global economy.)

1. Get Immediate Help

In most jobs, both you and your employer put a small amount of every paycheck in to an unemployment insurance fund. Find out how to apply for and receive unemployment benefits, options for extending your healthcare coverage, and tips to deal with the worry that comes with losing your job.

Unemployment Benefits 
Find out what types of benefits you may qualify for.

Healthcare Coverage 
Find out your options for protecting or extending your healthcare coverage after a layoff. If you are eligible, up to 65 percent of COBRA costs will be paid for up to nine months with money from the Stimulus Bills President Obama signed.

Dealing with Job Loss Make sure you deal with the stress of job loss before turning to your new job search

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