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The Top 9 Websites for Government Employees and Job-Seekers

The Top 9 Websites for Government Employees and Job-Seekers

Currin Berdine | GovCentral

Government Department, Agency and Stimulus-Watch Websites

(Besides GovCentral!)

You can go to nearly any source – from CNN to Drudge Report – to find the latest political news and Federal current events. But where can your find the hard data supporting all the media headlines (and hype)?

In an effort to maintain the transparency and accountability promised during the Presidential campaign, the Obama Administration launched The site is a searchable database of how and where tax dollars are spent as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

It is refreshing to see such a clear presentation of where the tax-payer money is going in this hefty plan – at least the attempt to be transparent is refreshing.

Read about

The best tools:

States for a Transparent and Accountable Recovery

STAR is like, but is the official-unofficial Recovery Act source. It brings together helpful news and information from groups all over the country, spanning categories to give more broad insight. It is supported by labor and policy alliances and groups, so people can ensure that it isn’t the government speaking (which in this case is a good thing.)

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The best States for a Transparent and Accountable Recovery tools:’s Blogs Index

Every Department and Agency seems to be coming out with the coolest new blog to keep people in-the-know on their projects. Bookmark this page to keep them all straight.

Our favorite blogs:

  • Evolution of Security – Five employees of the Transportation Security Administration blog to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process: (Go to Page)

  • Homeland Security Leadership Journal – This blog provides a forum to talk about DHS’s work to protect the American people, build an effective emergency preparedness and response capability, enforce immigration laws, and promote economic prosperity: (Go to Page)

  • Science Planet – The latest findings in the scientific literature and the policy decisions that influence how science is practiced. No jargon, just discovery: (Go to Page)

  • NASA Ames Research Center – Chief Information Officer Chris Kemp discusses information, policy, web development and more: (Go to Page)

  • NASA Goddard CIO Blog – NASA Goddard CIO, Linda Y. Cureton, blogs about technology, leadership, and being a Chief Information Office: (Go to Page)

Washington Post’s Federal Eye Column

Few mainstream, big-publication writers seem to present the facts as intimately yet objectively as Ed O’Keefe. He gives you the best and most reliable information on what it is working like in all areas of the Federal Government. We check his column everyday!

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Government Executive’s Discount Page

You mean working for the government has even more perks than National holidays off and awesome benefits? Woo hoo! Find discounts on everything from travel to computers through this user-submitted index.

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