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The Top 9 Websites for Government Employees and Job-Seekers

The Top 9 Websites for Government Employees and Job-Seekers

Currin Berdine | GovCentral

Government Job-Seeker Websites

(Besides GovCentral!)

As a government job seeker, or any type of person in need of a job, it can be confusing as to where you should go for what information. The Department of Labor has stepped up its game, especially during these tough times, and created

Bureau of Labor Statistics

At the BLS website, you know you’ll find the most factual information on state-by-state job market information, employment projections and job trends – public or private sector. We very frequently site the BLS statistics in our reports such as 7 Booming Federal Career Fields.

The best BLS tools:

Career One Stop

Career One Stop is a site sponsored by the Department of Labor, and is a source for “employment information and inspiration.” Useful advice on interviews, resumes, and job training.

The best Career One Stop tools:

Department of Labor Mainpage

What could possibly be better for a job seeker than the mecca of labor itself? Find all the documents, forms, legalities, and certification info you need for any type of employment.

The best Department of Labor tools:

No need to list more – this page has it all!, The Office of Personnel Management

Okay, this might seem like an obvious choice. And we’ll admit it isn’t the most thrilling site out there, but it is darn useful. All open government vaccancies are listed on USAJobs. Plus, as a government job-seeker, you are required to submit your application through USAJobs.

What’s More: The job search recently got a makeover! Read more.

The best tools:

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    over 5 years ago


    Thanks for the information on

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    Another great site not on the list is

  • A-team_logo_max50


    over 5 years ago


    If a job seeker does not have internet access in todays economy then they probably don't belong working in the federal government. Knowing how to use a computer is not essential for every career. But come on people!!! lol Not having internet access is like saying I flunked out of high school and can barely read. hah

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    The comment above to the effect that Federal job seekers are "required to submit your application through USAJobs," is incorrect. Depending on the announcing agencies' application polices and procedures, applying through USAJOBS may (stress, may) be one way of applying, but OPM requires that alternatives to on-line application must be made available to applicants lacking internet access also. Many agencies, in addition, still use a hard copy application process, and are not equipped to handle automated submissions. This is why it's so important that applicants carefully read announcements to determine just what application venues are being used in any given announcement. The Federal hiring process is decentralized, with each agency being given wide latitude as to how they solicit applications, while OPM regulations specify what items must be addressed in any announcement (e.g., qualifications, how to apply, etc.), and requiring that announcements for competitive service vacancies be publicized to the general public on USAJOBS.

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