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BREAKING: USAJobs' Search Is New (and Easier to Use)

BREAKING: USAJobs' Search Is New (and Easier to Use)

Kathryn Troutman

The BASIC Search on USAJobs is now easy to read – in one second – you can see the number of jobs in each city, each each job category and for each agency. This is a WONDERFUL improvement for the basic search tool. The new basic search now features an easy-to-read list of job search options by Agency, Location and Occupation, with an indicator of how many jobs are available in each category. As you narrow your search criteria, so narrows the list. This provides a much better starting point for job seekers, especially those looking for their first time.

For instance, if you are trying to decide if you should work in California or might consider moving to another state, you can BROWSE CAREERS BY STATE to see immediately how many jobs are open today in that state.

• District of Columbia: 1158 jobs
• Iowa: 45 jobs
• Arizona: 538 jobs

Or, if you are not sure of the job title or career series, you can BROWSE CAREERS BY OCCUPATION to see how many positions there are in each of the career series in government.

• Business, industry, and procurement: 1313 jobs
• Management, administration, clerical, and office services: 2053 jobs

Or, if you are interested in certain federal agencies or missions, you can BROWSE CAREERS BY AGENCY and see how many jobs are available today in that agency. This could make a difference in your decisions. And, in summary, it’s just interesting information to see the differences in numbers of jobs in agencies, states and career families.

• Consumer Product Safety Commission: 9 jobs
• Commerce Department: 459 jobs
• Agriculture Department: 959 jobs


Watch the numbers. By seeing the numbers on the top Search Basic Screen, a first-time job-seeker can be curious about the numbers, and if certain agency numbers might be going up based on the Recovery Act and the Stimulus Plan.

Agency numbers that could go up:

• Housing and Urban Development: 52 jobs (that will certainly be increasing with America’s housing problems.)
• Treasury: 179 jobs (this HAS to go up soon)
• Federal Housing Finance Agency: 1 jobs (that seems a little low, for the housing financial crisis in America)
• Environmental Protection Agency: 47 jobs(that will go up after the legislation for automakers is signed by the President)


Watch this page to see your favorite agency jobs increase or decrease.


The government year-end is Sept. 30, 2009. The agencies will post many positions in August and September because of year-end budget surpluses. Look for many positions, more than normal in those months. Get your federal resume posted on USAJOBS and focused toward one or more career series.


Searching key words can really be useful. For example, the job title “Emergency Management Specialist” is classified to the 301 job series, which is general administrative and management. Searching the 301 series will yield administrative positions and even a food service specialist! Searching key words like “COOP,” “exercises,” or “incident response” will yield a variety of positions in the field, even those with titles like “Program Specialist” that are in the Emergency Management field.

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