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Description: Supervisor would assign any of over 20 different engines IE: (GTSIO-520-L). Type of Aircraft IE: Cessna 421C Left/Right side. My job was to gather up all needed materials IE: Crankcase, Crank, Cam, Cylinders and all other parts needed to build engine for installation and run-up. Using all current data from TCM (Teledyne Continental Motors) Parts and Overhaul Manuals and TCM Website, making sure all parts used were approved for engine and aircraft. Engine preassemble included using Precision Measuring Tools like micrometers, verniers and dial indicators for all dimensional checks of cranks cams and internal gears. Checks included Plasti-Gauge crank to journal fit within mfg tolerances. Install fuel, oil and electrical systems and all accessories. Other departments worked in include Test Cell. We installed engine and run for 5 hrs. handle all controls of engine and monitor all gauges for EGT/CHT and fuel flow systems, duties included trouble shooting and repairing/replacing any faulty systems. Removing engine preserving and crating if a shipped engine and not for in house use. Also worked in Engine Disassembly. Core engine or Customer Service/Warranty engines received in are disassembled and inspected for condition and trouble shooting, cleaned and inspected using NDT methods, then prepared for Engine Buildup. Also worked in Accessory Shop. Overhaul parts like Oil Pumps, Fuel Manifolds, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Relief Valves, assisted with Fuel Pumps and Turbos. Work with and train new employee's in all areas

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