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Exercise Centurian Shield 1990

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Description: Exercise Centurian Shield 1990 was the last of the great REFORGER series of manuever exercises conducted during the Cold War. It was a transitional exercise that represented the shift away from large scale field exercises involving tens of thousands of troops to simulated exercises which relied upon computer simulations and models to train the staffs of our combat forces. The images in this album are scans of the results of the intelligence analysis my multi-disciplinary team conducted prior to the exercise. The information contained in them is unclassified. Prior to the exercise I had the honor of serving as the Chief of Intelligence Production for the one of the most advanced and powerful armored divisions within NATO, the 1st Armored Division. The 1st Armored Division then went on to serve in the 1st Persian Gulf War as part of one of the largest armored battles in the history of modern mobile armored warfare. It is in tribute to the men and women of the 1st Armored Division that I post these images here.

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