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Analytic Geometry - The Circle Squaring Problem - The Da Vinci Code

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Description: The work contained in this album has been completed and is in final review in preparation for publication. This work is the result of a collaborative effort in analytic geometry to explore advanced concepts relating to the fundamental properties of geometry and mathmatics. It was performed as part of an effort to showcase the problem solving ability of inductive reasoning when coupled to an advanced computer based algebraic visualization software package. The application and benefits of applying such a problem solving approach to complex mathmatical problems are many fold. As we move further in the computer age, software is providing us with an ever increasing ability to explore fundamental concepts regarding the nature of the universe. If we are to make full use of these emergent technologies and retain our lead in science and technology we must begin, as soon as possible, to teach our children once again how to appreciate the wonders of science and math. The software package used in this research effort is but one such tool.

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